Our Ethos

We scrutinise our operation at every opportunity to ensure that we are building a company which creates & fosters positive connections throughout. From the materials we specify & use right through to who we choose to bank with we want to be confident that we are carrying out our business in a way that minimises environmental impact and a maximises positive change.

We believe that being transparent about how we do things is key to our success so please browse below some of our core values:


We believe that to really achieve sustainability needs a completely new approach and so while we do need to pay our bills we’ll never tell you to do something just to make a sale and we won’t hesitate to tell you when work doesn’t need to be done. Ultimately, we want to know that we are spending our time wisely on worthwhile measures to reduce everyone’s environmental impact so we’re not interested in ripping out things which are still perfectly useful in the name of doing something ‘eco’!


We’ve been fortunate enough to have a solid grounding in both natural and traditional construction methods giving us a thorough understanding of breathable and renewable building materials. Wherever possible and appropriate we prefer to use traditional materials and if working on modern constructions then we will always specify the modern material with the best environmental credentials.


We want the money that you spend on improving the environmental credentials of your home with us to be doing good when it’s sitting in our bank account too.

We have our business and personal accounts with Triodos so that we know that your money isn’t being invested in questionable industries


The internet is easily overlooked as a major contributor to global emissions but is now estimated to have an even larger environmental impact than the aviation industry!

Our site is powered by renewables and we’ve kept it simple to reduce its potential impact.