About Us

We are a small team of sustainability experts in Canterbury, Kent providing services in retrofit, energy efficiency, food and communities.

BA Philosophy (Hons), Certified Passive House Consultant, Certified PassiveHouse Tradesperson, AECB CarbonLite Retrofit Graduate, AECB Approved Certifier & Modeller

Ross specialised in ethics, moral and social philosophy at university but was frequently reprimanded for seeking practical applications in his studies. After graduating he sought ways to put theory into practice.

He worked for many years as a professional forager where he developed a deep understanding of food systems. He went on to launch a sustainable construction company where he refined his skills in using natural materials and traditional techniques.

Rachael Hannay

BA Social Anthropology (Hons), MA Sustainable Development (Distinction)

Rachael has been interested in forest conservation since she was a child and after travelling the world chose to study Social Anthropology and Sustainable Development.

Rachael has worked in different countries thoughout Asia, Africa and Latin America in the areas of community-based natural resource management, communal land tenure and REDD+ with a focus on indigenous and community land rights.