Here we have created a simple heat loss calculator you can use to enter your annual gas consumption and get an overview of where heat loss occurs in your home and how much it is costing you each year. Please note that this calculator makes a number of assumptions and uses average figures for UK households. If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of where you can make savings in your home then please contact us and we can help!

In reality heat loss in each home is highly variable and the only way to get an accurate picture of which measures are best is to model the specific building and components. We provide detailed modelling using the Passive House Planning Package and Thermal Imaging which we then use to provide you with estimates for carrying out the works so that you can see where your budget will have the greatest impact.

We have included figures for your CO2 emissions in our calculator to help you see which areas of your home are likely to be contributing most to climate change. If you are interested in getting a broader view of where you can reduce your impact on the environment then why not try out the Carbon Footprint Calculator?