Suspended floors are a common and often beautiful feature found throughout older buildings such as Victorian and Georgian terraces. Originally they were devised as a solution to the problem of their time; timbers which were in direct contact with the soil below rotting. By raising the floor and creating a ventilated space below the timbers were preserved. However, the ventilated space below allows cold air to enter the building and gaps between floorboards and around skirting boards permits it to penetrate into the building. Coupled with open chimney stacks which are drawing air up through the building they can be a significant source of heat loss. These 2 features combined can also be drawing damp air into the building posing a risk to the building fabric and the health of the inhabitants.

Insulating a suspended timber floor requires attention to detail as well as understanding how the various components are working so that risk of decay in the timbers is not increased. With a wealth of experience working in historic buildings and a deep knowledge of retrofit strategies we are able to deliver a solution without compromising these historic features.